Long Range – Drone Delivery support

What we are doing

We are developing long range (100+km) drone delivery routes in cooperation with Unicef Innovation Fund.

In the beginning of this year, we submitted a proposal that consisted of BVLOS flights to deliver medical supplies in rural areas of Uruguay.

Despite being a small country, the number of health clinics located in rural areas are numerous, even in small towns and villages. However, getting test results back, medicine or other supplies can take weeks. This is a big downside for hard-to-reach towns. Drones can solve this situation, being faster and cheaper than conventional means of transport. This could considerably reduce waiting times for medication or test results, increasing health accessibility for everyone.

The project consists of building a replicable model of drone delivery routes. On the first stage, the concept will be optimized, working with a small number of clinics, designing vertiports and implementing delivery routes. On the second stage, we are scaling the project to reach more users.

Unicef Innovation Fund provides early stage funding and support to frontier technology solutions that benefit children and the world. Being picked by Unicef is an honor and a big responsibility and we are working hard to get drone technology to help improve people’s lives.