Remote network identification and geo-awareness in one device.

Safety is a crucial aspect of any airspace management plan. With Cielum key, users can report live position of any drone for both authorities and other users simply, by just adding the lightweight tracker to the drone.  

Cielum key is thought to be versatile, making it adaptable for different fleet managers and planners, and being able to operate in low connectivity areas.  

Get the most out of your drone

Thought for individuals and drone fleet managers: Cielum key is not only a tracking device, it is a powerful set of tools. With key users can know where their drone is at any moment, what is the drone’s speed and altitude, and see it displayed in the map, but also, they can gather information of interest and analize past operations by keeping record of every trajectory the drone has done. 

For drone fleet managers, key becomes a vital asset of control, know where your drones are flying and who is flying each one. Control authorizations and track important metrics with our friendly interfaces.  


ASTM F3411 Direct & Network identification
Geofencing alerts in mobile app
One-click on-site authorization request
LTE-Cat M1 sim card included (2G fallback)
+15km range


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