Management of drone fleets with Cielum key 

Key is our latest development, a solution for drones to report position and live data thought to be integrated with different UTM’s.

What we are doing

In 2023, being able to report live positions will be mandatory in Europe, which is not supported for older drones and smaller manufacturers. With Key, users will be able to attach the device to their drone and report live position in only seconds both for direct and network remote identification. Design is thought to help the drone owner to know the status of their flight regarding the planning operation with the light indicators and mobile app.

But we aim our remote ID Device more than that just a plate. With this in mind, we are working together with the Spanish drone operator Net2Fly to develop a remote identification device that meets their requirements. Net2Fly is one of the biggest drone operators in Spain, working with about one thousand pilots.

The company has a proprietary operation scheme that allows them to take charge of the operational risk of their pilot network, but this implies needing live and accurate data from the ongoing operations. Cielum Key allows Net2Fly to track their drone fleet live and have outstanding operational safety standards and safe flights.

U-Space is already in the making. This solution is intended to provide flexibility for users, being able to Interconnect different UTMs in the future, and report position and data in all of them.

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