Designed to get airspace access as easily as possible from the web or mobile.

We focus both on users and administrators of the airspace, working for safety and compliance with regulations.  

Taking this into consideration, we aim to enhance different kind of operations with our platform, such as drone delivery, scouting or mapping operations, as well as recreational flights.  

Easy is set to be different

Our team is open to developing adaptations for different use cases. We are continuously collaborating to reach solutions that suit the needs of specific sectors, whether it is ANSP, a private business or an individual user. 

We focused Easy on three main tasks:  

Manage drone and user data.

Enabling drone and pilot registration with custom fields for each deployment.

Requesting and providing authorizations

Standardizing the process to get automatic approval in most cases.

Controlling the airspace

By providing a complete live-view of it, and details of every planned and ongoing operation for administrators, as well as raising awareness of the operations taking place nearby for users.


Working with the latest regulations:
EU 2021/664

All of CIELUM is built and thought focused on the EU 2021/664 regulation, providing all of the mandatory services: Network identification service, Geo-awareness service, UAS flight authorization service and traffic information service.  

We are already providing U1 and U2 services for the Uruguayan CAA, working on the implementation of the following services by 2023.  

Four MANDATORY services

Network identification service
UAS flight authorization service
Geo-awareness service
Traffic information service

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