National low altitude airspace managed with Cielum easy

From 2020, we became DINACIA’s service provider for UTM technology. The project is based on the implementation of Easy to the requirements of the Uruguayan authorities, making flexibility a key aspect for any implementation.

What we are doing

The first step was developing pilot and drone registration, which is a crucial step when implementing UTM systems. Having issued over 150 pilot registrations and over 5,000 flight authorizations in a country of 3.5 million people is a milestone we are very proud of. UTM is built over pilot registration and agile flight authorizations.

Firstly, we standardized the process to get flight authorization. By doing this, pilots are able to request and obtain authorization in minutes. In over 90% of requested the system can issue authorizations automatically, however, in special occasions authorities must approve manually a given operation. These cases can include flights in restricted zones, near governmental buildings, military bases and more. These cases must be contemplated, and the power to approve or reject always relies on the authorities.

At the moment in Uruguay, drone operations are scaling for both recreational and commercial purposes. Having regulated low-altitude airspace is crucial to enhancing different business opportunities. At Cielum we aim to build bridges between technology, users and regulators, organizing the airspace, and working hard to make it safe to operate. Uruguay is now ready to support this increase in users and operations, with a solid platform and constant support.

Consequently, we are integrating drone-delivery routes to the possibilities for the users. They can design routes with pre-approved vertiports, and request flight authorization to use the route. Nonetheless, this route will remain available for operations in the future that cover the same trajectory. This is the core idea that supports drone delivery.

If you are wondering what we are capable of or just want to know more, contact us!