Advanced Air Mobility
Architecture and Logistics

Our philosophy: make advanced air mobility happen  

Our Philosophy: make advanced air mobility happen

At Cielum we want to make the future possible today. We focus on deploying complex last-mile delivery networks using drones. We aim to provide a improved solution to an existing problem, impacting directly on our communities. 


CIELUM© – Low-Altitude Airspace Management

  • Efficiently manage low-altitude airspace for civil aviation and air navigation services.
  • Ensure safe and compliant drone operations.
  • Simplify regulatory compliance for drone activities.
  • Trusted collaboration with aviation authorities for seamless integration.


Long-Range Aerial Logistics Architects

  • Designing routes and selecting the right aircraft for long-range aerial logistics.
  • Obtaining necessary authorizations for seamless operations.
  • Expert architects of efficient and effective aerial logistics networks.
  • Ensuring smooth long-range logistics operations with precision and compliance.


Aerial Logistics Network Operators

  • Selecting and training drone operators for seamless aerial logistics operations.
  • Implementing robust maintenance procedures to ensure operational excellence.
  • Expertly integrating airspace for efficient and safe drone logistics.
  • Managing end-to-end operations of aerial logistics networks with precision.


Our technology

Designed to get airspace access as easily as posible from the web or mobile.

  • Third-party permissions management
  • Drone delivery route planning
  • One-click on-site authorization requests
  • Live monitoring

Service available online in Spain in cooperation with Net2fly

All of our experience at your service to provide the best logistics service.

  • Drone services
  • Vertiport design and implementation
  • UTM support
  • Airspace communications
  • Compliant solutions


Remote network identification and geo-awareness in one device.

  • ASTM F3411 Direct & Network identification
  • Geofencing alerts in mobile app
  • One-click on-site authorization request
  • LTE-Cat M1 sim card included (2G fallback)
  • +15km range


Making U-Space real

We focus on adapting standards in an agile way, giving space to test over controlled conditions, measure results and learn.

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