U-Space & Fleet
Management Technology

Our philosophy: build bridges between people & regulations  

Our Philosophy: build bridges between people & regulations

Cielum is the Dronfies Labs brand for U-Space technology, born from the joint needs of companies wanting to operate autonomous and BVLOS flights near airports, as well as enthusiastic regulators aiming to open the skies to new kind of operations. Thus creating job oportunities and having an impact on people’s lives.


Designed to get airspace access as easily as posible from the web or mobile.

  • Third-party permissions management
  • Drone delivery route planning
  • One-click on-site authorization requests
  • Live monitoring

Service available online in Spain in cooperation with Net2fly

Designed to help drone users plan and execute drone flights

  • Live position report from DJI drones
  • Mapping and waypoints missions planner
  • Recurrent authorizations manager
  • Geofencing alerts
  • DJI drone mission execution


Remote network identification and geo-awareness in one device.

  • ASTM F3411 Direct & Network identification
  • Geofencing alerts in mobile app
  • One-click on-site authorization request
  • LTE-Cat M1 sim card included (2G fallback)
  • +15km range


Making U-Space real

We focus on adapting standards in an agile way, giving space to test over controlled conditions, measure results and learn.

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