Uruguay: First UTM deployed in Latin America 

As from 2020, we are the first UTM deployed in Uruguay, working together with DINACIA (Uruguayan civil aviation authority). We develop and deploy U1 and U2 UTM services encouraging pilot and aircraft registration, flight authorizations requests and overall, a safe airspace for every stakeholder. This has been an invaluable opportunity to learn what drone operators want and what regulators need.

Despite Uruguay being a small country, operations on the system are growing quickly, having only 150 operations in 2020, and over 1,500 in 2021, we are expecting as much as 10,000 operations for 2022, as many drone projects are starting to take off. Projects cover different kinds of operations such as drone delivery, surveillance and BVLOS.

For this to be possible, we are in constant communication with authorities to adjust the course and provide the best service.

This project is changing continuously as challenges arise. For instance, we are working hard on increasing the reach of the system to every user, to minimize the amount of unauthorized flights that threatens the national airspace security and other authorized users.

Uruguay is set to become a technological hub for the region, being the ideal location to test solutions like ours. We are expecting complex drone delivery operations to be implemented in Uruguay by 2025.

Reference: https://www.dinacia.gub.uy/documento/res-nro-169-2021-puesta-en-produccion-piloto-sistema-de-gestion-de-drones

What we are doing

We develop and deploy U1 and U2 UTM services for the National Civil Aviation Authority (DINACIA).


  • 90% of the Operation automatically approved
  • +10.000 operations supported including
    Drone Delivery, Security and Surveillance, and BVLOS